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We are launching co-owning matching series virtually and we’re looking for anyone that wants to co-buy with friends, family, or even strangers.

Whether it’s one, two, or multiple co-owning partners, we want to help you find your perfect match for your home purchase. By finding you the perfect match, you’ll gain so many low risk benefits such as building equity, taking tax advantages and even the ability to bring in extra income.

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My name’s Nikki, founder of PairGap, and during this period of economic instability I want to challenge you to take a risk and start thinking about your future and wealth building.

As the founder of PairGap, it is my duty to help people think about homeownership. This platform does just that. My goal is to help people that may not be able to purchase on their own pursue wealth building via co-ownership.

This is the perfect opportunity as the pandemic has crippled the economy, forcing home prices down with mortgages with little to no interest.



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