Co-Living with ownership.

PairGap is a platform that enables individuals to connect with ideal partners to buy and invest in Real Estate, living and sharing in home ownership together. When you join Pairgap, you’re entering a community, then finding a match and a place to live

As the price of real estate continues to rise, co-living with ownership is a new model for affordable homeownership and a way to maximize your buying power.

As a company innovating new models for real estate, we intend to catalyze the transition to a sustainable and connected built environment, one that will sustain life for generations to come.
How It Works

Sign Up for Our Beta Program

Sign Up for Our Beta Program


How It Works

We offer the opportunity to have a shared stake in the community.

Our approach allows people who can't purchase property the traditional way, to find other individuals who are interested in sharing homeownership and investing in their futures. With our guide, tutorials, and resources, we provide a simple program to pair and buy homes together. With skyrocketing urban housing costs and a general shift towards sharing, we offer the opportunity to have a shared stake in the community.


Homeownership has proven to build wealth that lead to other lifestyle opportunities like college, starting a business, and investing.



Find Your Match

Through our highly defined user profiles and our one of a kind algorithm, we find the best individuals based on your preferences and choices down to the specifics like the desired location, credit score ranges, and pets.

This unique approach increases choice for buyers by allowing them to pool resources and buy more real estate.

Our process is seamless in matching with an exclusive pre-approval intake that is highly secure and encrypted.


Become A Homeowner

The traditional real estate industry is out of touch with deeper needs, values, aspirations of gaining wealth and the fundamental need for community and social interaction.

With the rise of a shared economy with cars, bikes, and apartment rentals, it is time we share our resources for homeownership.

Our goal is to pair qualified buyers to buy homes together in our step-by-step guide. Education is critical to us. We provide the tools through our interactive program to simplify the home buying process.

At Pairgap, we go beyond traditional real estate thinking. We must all learn to make our cities feel more like home.

Co-living With Ownership.

Find A Match. Buy A Home. Build Wealth.

PairGap Co-living is when two or more people who are not married to one another jointly purchase a home. The result is co-ownership. Co-ownership makes it possible to share the down payment on a house, the monthly mortgage payments, and the ongoing costs associated with homeownership.