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Increase Your Real Estate

Buying Power.

Pairgap connects people to buy property together based on combined buying power and compatibility.

Find Partners. Buy A Home. Build Wealth.

Go dutch on a property

Co-ownership helps mitigate the hurdles of homeownership and Increases your chances of loan approval. At PairGap, we’re reimagining homeownership to fit into your actual life and we’ve streamlined the co-buying process to make it as painless as possible.

And this doesn’t only mean finding the perfect home. It’s about finding the right loan, payment plan, location, and everything in between. We’re revolutionizing homebuying, guiding you every step of the way.

We’re breaking down industry walls and putting the power of homeownership in YOUR hands.

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Build Wealth

Start your homeownership journey with potential partners based on your personal preferences.

1st Time Homebuyers Investors
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Need A Plan?

Invest like a pro and make wise investment choices that produce greater investment outcomes overtime.

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Brokers & Agents

Expand Your Business

Generate leads with our Pairgap program and partnerships to boost and scale your business.

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What is Pairgap?

The new approach to homeownership.



Curated matches of individuals with the same goals.


Our step-by-step guide and educational resources will lead the way towards co-ownership.

Customized Contracts

Co-ownership protections including exclusive co-housing agreements.


A community of optimistic growth minded individual growing together to reach their fullest potential.

Co-ownership Roadmap

With our seamless process, we will guide you step-by-step on your homeownership journey.

With guides, extended resources, and neighborhood insights, we will guide you to start building wealth right now with the right partner.

One-on-One coaching

Our coaches will help you define what you really want out of life and help you map out a plan to get there using real estate.

Co-Buying Steps

Follow our 10-step program, to assist goals in co-ownership from pre-qualification to closing.

Personalized Profiles

Customized with quizzes and tests to find your perfect match.


Use our resources and partnerships from credit score support to listings, to reach co-ownership goals.

Pairing Events

Pair with partners that have the same goals online and live at our networking events.


Our guides will teach you the ins and outs of homeownership and co-ownership.

Create wealth over time

Homeownership is one of the proven ways to build wealth.

Instead of renting with roommates, buy with potential partners and earn wealth over time.

Step One

Co-ownership Preparation

  • Credit Score Support
  • Pre-qualification
  • Risk Assessment
  • Neighborhood Market Analysis
  • Extended Resources
  • Co-ownership Coaching
Step Two

Pairing & Matching

  • Partnership Compatibility Quiz
  • Pairing Networking Events
  • Co-Buying Workshops
  • Self-analysis Calculators
  • Co-housing Agreements
  • Customized Profiles
Step Three

Closing Step-by-step Guide

  • Co-Buying Team
  • Business Formation Resources
  • Budget Roadmaps
  • City Housing Grant Programs
  • Lender Programs
  • Co-buying Strategy Tips
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Success Story

“As first time home owners we hit many dead ends when looking for homes on our own and were getting discouraged. PairGap educated us on the home-buying process and put us in touch with the perfect team . Just a few weeks later we found the perfect investment property and are now in the process of closing on the property. PairGap helped us make our dream come true and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to become a homeowner.”

Brandon & Cristal

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Invest in your future and join a community of wealth builders by owning a home

PairGap’s platform matches potential buyers to share homeownership.

With guides and educational resources, the platform helps you with the entire home buying process from preparation to pre-approval to closing.


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What They Say About Us

I want to say thank you for everything that was discussed during my consultation call. The advice and guidance I received are much appreciated and I know it will help propel me along my respective journey of homeownership.

Osvaldo Nunez

I'm a first time home buyer. I had a great consultation and it was very informative and helpful. I received a lot of insight into how the real estate business works. They took their time and listened to my vision. I can’t wait to pair up and buy a home with someone who is a similar match. It was the best consultation I've had throughout my first-time real estate journey. I highly recommend everyone join PairGap.

Peter I.N. Rogers