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Our data-driven co-investing strategy.

For real estate. asset portfolio. wealth building.

Pairgap advises you how to leverage equity to boost cash flow and achieve your goals faster through co-investing.



We match co-buyers with similar goals and risk profiles.


We provide Real Estate education, live workshops, on-demand courses, and one-on-one coaching.


We connect buyers to certified Real Estate professionals including agents, lenders, attorneys and more.


We provide co-ownership protections including exclusive real estate prenup guides.

“I’m a first time home buyer. I had a great consultation. I received a lot of insight into how the real estate business works. They took their time and listened to my vision. I can’t wait to pair up and buy a home with someone who is a similar match. It was the best consultation I’ve had throughout my first-time real estate journey. I highly recommend everyone join PairGap.

Madison Rogers

Co-investing allows real estate investors to engage in larger projects.

Pairgap co-buyer plans offer steady growth to help you reach your investing objectives and meet like-minded co-investors. Pairgap's real estate and co-buying consultants will get to know you and your goals to expand your portfolio.

Frequently asked questions

Are there discounted prices for more than two co-investors?

Yes, we offer more than two co-investors at discounted prices. Learn more once you sign up and have your free strategy session.

Are additional sessions available?

Yes, our additional sessions are $250.00 hourly.

Can we order additional Pairgap Neighborhood Reports?

You receive one Pairgap Neighborhood Report based on city, neighborhood, etc.  Additional reports are $499.99.

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