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Exclusive Offers for Brokers & Real Estate Agents

Join in the co-ownership revolution

Co-ownership enables agents to generate more leads and close more deals by creating affordable opportunities for buyers who are priced out of the market.

Create Additional Streams of Revenue

Access our co-buying & co-investing courses designed for first-time Co-buyers and seasoned real estate professionals

Boost Your Business

It’s easier than a referral – you arrange the buyer introduction, and we take care of the rest!

Increase Your Earning Potential

The growth of fractional home ownership creates more leads to close more deals.

Become an Industry Leader

Partner with us and stand out as an innovator in the ever changing real estate industry.

Match qualified co-owners with broker inventory

Increase additional revenue with co-buyer matches that fit your listings.

Paigap Broker Profile

We match your listings with potential qualified co- buyers.

Let’s Partner

Dead Leads Evaluation + Real Estate inventory

Scrub your database to find qualified co-buyers.

PairGap Course

Become a certified PairGap partner with our seamless co-buyer education course.

The Difference

Our innovative approach mitigates the hurdles of co-homeownership exclusively for brokers and real estate professionals

Let’s Partner

Discover partnership opportunities that empower you to scale your business.

A New Niche Market that will boost your sales.

"Increase your profit and help us make homeownership affordable for more customers."