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Neighborhood Reports

Our personalized reports help you strategize ways to drive better Real Estate investment decisions and maximize buying power through co-buying

Buying Power

Our reports help you visualize your buying power based on your income and savings and discover what neighborhoods you can invest in now to start growing your wealth.

Market Projections

Our reports provide an overview of housing market trends for specific neighborhoods that interests you so you have a clear idea of your projected gains.


Our reports highlight the fast growing neighborhoods within your buying power so you can choose the best neighborhoods to maximize your real estate investments.


Our reports contain detailed breakdowns of a neighborhood's demographics and explain how these factors can help identify risk and opportunities.

Investment Positivity

Our reports update you on the latest neighborhood developments, initiatives and projects that can have a significant short-term and long-term impact on property value within the region.

Quality of Life

Our reports present local attractions and amenities to paint a clear picture of a neighborhoods quality of life, perfect if you are planning to live in or rent out your property.

Why do you need this report?

Real estate markets are volatile, complicated, and always changing. Having a well thought out plan, including choosing the right location, will empower buyers to make thoughtful choices when choosing where to buy real estate.

Find your Buying Power

Measure your buying power & income potential in any desired neighborhood across the US. Coming Soon.

Make Smart Investments

Make wise investment choices that produce greater investment outcomes overtime and invest with vision

Gap Analysis

Find co-investors to fill the gap through our co-ownership

What’s Your Goal?

Want to be a Pro Investor?

Start Investing With Intention. Learn from real professionals.

Need a Co-Investor?

Find your people to increase Buying Power With Co-Ownership.

Need a plan?

Let’s co-create a short and longterm plan for wealth building.

Book a free strategy session

Investors will receive a customized comprehensive report that provides data that uncovers specific housing market details for neighborhoods and buying power against desired neighborhood.

Speak to an Advisor

Free 30 minute coaching session.

Through our personalized report, we help you strategize ways to maximize your buying power through co-buying so you can purchase the ideal property in the neighborhood you wish to invest in.

Order A Neighborhood Report

All Reports for only $499.99.

Investors will receive a customized comprehensive report that provides data that uncovers specific housing market details for neighborhoods and buying power against desired neighborhoods.

Industry Testimonials
Aura BrooksReal Estate Agent

Assistance buying a property including looking for operating & managing, and aid individuals who’ve never purchased a home.

Eve CrawfordMortgage Lender

Guides you towards the right loan product and assists you when applying for it.

Jack GrahamAttorney

Prepares and reviews all of the documentations that are signed at the closing and represent the buyer’s interests.

Zak ReidCo-Homeowner Partner

A business partner who has the aligned interests and goals and will jointly own in order to achieve their goals as well!

Co-Buying with Intention

What is Co-Buying?

Co-Buying is an alternative path to homeownership achieved by pooling financial resources with others to purchase property you wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford on your own.

PairGap is here to educate you on the process of becoming a homeowner through co-buying and alternative ways to grow your wealth through real estate investment.

What are the Benefits?

Make better investment decisions when buying property like an Investment Pro!
We provide strategies to help you leverage your equity potential to achieve your desired outcomes and cash flow.

  • Up Your Investing Game Dramatically.
  • Less time spent on investment research.
  • Identify the best locations and make smart investment choices
  • Get ahead of the market

Am I Protected?

Co-buying a house is like any other investment and comes with potential risks. We are here to bring you peace of mind by helping you and your co-buyers plan out the legal and financial logistics!

Client Testimonials

What our clients say about us

I realized I wanted to be my own home owner, and PairGap helped me achieve that through their co-buying process.

Kara LucasCo-Homeowner Partner

PairGap helped me and my friends navigate through all the financial and legal pitfalls of co-buying a house. They were there to guide us through the entire process.

Alley CohenReal Estate Agent

Buying a house was so complicated till I reached out to PairGap, then everything was smooth sailing and now I made my best investment of my life!

Jason SmithCo-Investor
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